Great Wide Open Logo Design 2011
A company connecting adventure travelers with local operators in India
Ashish from Great Wide Open wanted a logo for his business venture which connects adventure travelers to local operators in India. Tourism is one of the most established industries in the country while adventure tourism is still an untapped market with lot of potential. I was very excited with what the company was doing and hence decided to take up this project although I was having some difficulties with scheduling and my macbook.  The project was done in a linux machine, a windows machine and my macbook pro.

GWO already had a logo in use, well sort of. Although Ashish was happy with what the logo depicted he was not fully happy with the treatment of the logo. The old logo had the image of two hikers, a mountain backdrop and a kayak. He wanted to maintain the elements of the old logo like the mountain and the river. So keeping that in mind I made some sketches and developed on of the sketches which we both really liked.
This was the first draft of the logo and the client really liked it.
With a name like GWO there is always a scope of creating a logo out of the initials but we decided to abandon the direction as it was beginning to take a corporate look which both of us wanted to avoid.
This is the final version of the logo that we settled with