Type Factory is a typography museum. This project is to design a visual identity and a range of  promotional materials.Ihave chosen to design a booklet, associated with the idea of ‘crime investigation’ based on pentagrams. The purpose is to make the entire informational booklet not too formal and boring. In addition, I have also included some event/activities promo cards in the booklet, where each of  the French folding provides an appropriate folder to slip in these cards, which can be replaced from time to time.
The visual identity for the factory is inspired by the 'mechanism'  of big engine/machine, with rollers and rubber ribbons going about... I have incorporated these elements into the typo as well.The promotional poster series were done mainly to promote the official opening of the Type Factory, hence the emphasis is on the logotype itself. The 5 main corporate colours are used at the background. Depending on the location, some of the posters have been designed to interact with the location. For example, the one at the shopping mall with a big 'G' hanging out from the poster display frame. The intention is to create more attention in the public.
format:booklet 210mm x 148.5mm
poster 6 sheets size