The Second Life of Morris Summer
Visual Sequencing

 In 1903 a group of Jewish working class immigrants banded togeth

visual sequence

On the road he began, through life and through struggle seemed to merge into this one long stretch 
of pavement. Death was only the beginning. 
History Inspires Design 
It is a unique opportunity to write a novel that speaks from the life of a real person. Digging through archived files of JCRS patients, I came upon a patient by the name of Morris Summer. 

The mysterious man I began to discover was hidden within thousands of others. I was drawn to his story by the sheer mystery of his past and where he ended up. 

The story was one that combined the facts from his file with the research of the location and influences of the time. Crafted with abstract photography and type treatments, the story came alive. 

As the writer and creator of the story I felt as if I was able to get a glimpse of Morris’s life and possibly give tribute 
to the man.
The visual sequence of the book is a culmination of photos and type treatment. The fast paced action and dialogue seemlessly blend with a visual punch.