White Delight Ceramic Cup Range
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    A range of stackable cups and saucers for the catering industry.
designed for Wegter B.V. in Deventer, the Netherlands
  A family of modular cups and saucers designed for the catering industry. Chip-proof edges and variable stackability were one of the key functions combined with a generous and sleek design. The saucers are especially deep-dished to prevent spilling while serving. Models were made to guarantee proper ergonomics and to prevent tight handles.
The range: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and soup cups with saucers plus and side dish recipients.
Computer renderings give a preview of the design and can be used for print material even before the product is actually produced.
A section view of a bankett stack situation visualizes the modular design.
When it comes to handheld designs, models and mock-ups like these are imperative in achieving the best design result.
Sketches rendering part of the design process