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    Graphic Designer | Student | Unitec
[Re]generate | Print
"We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten."
My father’s stories are New Zealand stories, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking but always straightforward and honest, I captured these stories for people who are trying to find value and understanding through history, within their own life.

I chose to create an Anthropological Diary as my final output because it is a hand-held object, and therefore enhances the connection between the viewer and my Father. My research showed how we are unable to see the importance of each experience we encounter in our lives, because we cannot physically see the way it shapes us. 

The aim for [Re]generate is to offer this space for reflection, to solidify memories so that they can be held and shared. I have incorporated the use of transparent pages throughout my publication to create a way of revealing each memory. The viewer peals back fragments of the story, in order to understand the recollection as a whole. As the viewer discovers the significant moments in my Fathers life, they are compelled to consider their own memories.
Desolate, hazy and silent images that evoke a dreamlike nostalgia. They are scraps and discards, things I collect on my travels, old books, things I find out on the street, stuff other people would throw away, Things that need to get out from under my bed. The best treasures are those forgotten about and found again.”– Lucia Fischer