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    Two Hours at Dolly Sods, Monongahela National Park
I left the house at 4:45AM, dipping in and out of fog, dodging a deer or two crossing several mountain ranges. It took two hours to reach my destination; Dolly Sods- Located in the Monongahela National Forrest in Tucker County West Virginia. I think the drive paid off, my stay was brief, I was only there for a couple of hours. The sunrise was shared with about 10 other photographers some of whom slept in their cars the night before.
Once I broke through the trees I knew the early morning light was going to be special.
The fog in the valleys seemed like fluffy white rivers- must have been the fog I drove through.
Suddenly the sun rose above the lower cloud layer- the real light show began.
One can be rewarded just by turning around.
The sun light continued to change but never disappointed.
The wild Blueberry Bush turns a bright crimson in the early Fall.
I was at nearly 5000 feet and the wild Blueberry Bushes were everywhere to be seen.
Even looking down pays dividends.
This particular area is called Bear Rocks... not sure why- someone said the legend states that they saw a bears head sitting on a rock left there by a hunter, hence the name...
Wind power is prominate in this region.
The light is beginning to change, almost time to go.
Say good bye until next time..!