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    Furniture for the contemplation and recreation in interior and exterior contexts inspired by the Typical Mexican Toy " El Trompo ".
“If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare.”

Totoyo (Furniture for fun)

For Thousands of years, people have observed and measured, admired and feared the sky whose immutable
set of stars marked his life, imagining that the earth, the sun and those stars actually move in the same infinite space. Designed for the admiration and contemplation of this vast universe of stars we present this furniture, a toy for big boys.
Inspired by a traditional Mexican toy called “Trompo” (top), this is a furniture designed to rotate on a central
axis allowing the user to have a panoramic view of the stars in the night. This furniture is designed for the child in us, prepared for the rough use in outdoors allowing the user to lie down
in a comfortable position and rotate 360°
Visually fun, this piece of Mexican design reminds us that the smallest details can entertain us, a furniture that
allows us to see our surroundings and discover the world through observation and meditation. This piece can also be used in the interiors where recreational activities require the presence of informality or where relaxation is the goal to achieve. 
Totoyo is produced with natural materials in digital and analog processes. creating an object with the perfection of a digital process but with the delicate expression of handwork.