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    Concept for a Music Album
Back in January, I started working on a concept and design for the album cover and a logo for the new
Britney Spears album now called "Femme Fatale". After hearing the song and watching the video of the first single "Hold It Against Me", I saw the use of neon colors and started a little investigation about it, that led me to the design. Combining this concept with one of my passion Greek Mythology and the myth of Iris, a messenger goddess, i thought it was a perfect choice for the album.

"Iris not only was a messenger for the gods delivering important messages to the mortals, she was also
the representation of the rainbow after a storm." This apply with Britney after the dark stormy path
she past through a couple of years ago and now she has become a new messenger with her music. 

The image is simple a closed up photo used for the single cover, Britney's iris is colored with a rainbow
and the logo is printed with serigraphy using a silver ink. 

I wanted "Iris" be my first project upload