Social Media USB device concept
I was approached to help create the form factor for a new social media device that would implement and house a USB connector. 

"Proxy lets kids launch a digital life in a real world and watch as it gains new friends and new experiences.
When the Proxy device is traded, registered to a new owner, or interact with one of the Proxy brand partners, it earns points for its owner. When they reach certain increments, they can then be redeemed for charitable items to help other kids in need.

Kids track where thier Proxy goes, what their Proxy does and get to make a whole new set of friends through their Proxy life...all while affecting positive world change."

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Line up with various head shapes.
Proxy Boy "skin" concept
Head removed from device.
Proxy Boy Turntable
Proxy Alien "skin" concept
Proxy Alien Turntable
Proxy Bot "skin" concept

Proxy Bot Turntable