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    Complete Site Redesign for New Directions Behavioral Health
Client: New Directions Behavioral Health
Project: Website Redesign

New Directions is one of the largest Behavioral Health providers, providing a huge impact for businesses and members around the country. They are truly an awesome company with amazing employees, however their site was very outdated and hard to navigate, not giving them a true advantage in the marketplace. They came to us with the ask of not only giving them a new look and feel but also organization of content, new features as driven by new business requirements and mobile/tablet capabilities. Their website needed to reflect a professional image to Blue and health plan partners to aid in new partnerships.
Core Users:
1. Blues/Health Plan Executives (decision makers)
2. Employers (HR Professionals) / Brokers
3. Members (Managed Care + EAP)
4. Providers (Doctors, Therapists, Hospitals, etc)
1. Use website as a marketing tool for partners and employers
2. Grow membership base via Blue/health plan partnerships and EAP partnerships (appear professional, competent, and tech-forward)
3. Reduce call center volume
1. Blue/ Health plan RFP wins + member base growth
2. Reduction in provider calls to call center
3. Increase in page views, engagement and search rankings
- Many audience segments to design and message to, each having unique / customized content & goals
- Sell to the Employers and Partners without completely segregating secondary users 
- A ton of content that needs to be simplified, condensed and accessed easier - telling more of a story
- Accounting for new solutions and product roll-outs with a phased development plan
- Stakeholder interviews and evaluation
- Evaluating analytics
- Develop user personas (based on internal information - current members are classified) - with planner
- Content audit & findings deck
- Information Architecture
- Wireframe designs
- User Testing (live alpha testing due to timing constraints)
Original Site Design
Original Site Map
Content Audit of Original Site
Content Map of Recommended Architecture and Content Flow
(based on Content Audit Themes)
Content Mapping & IA  Working Session with Clients
(accounting for current and new content)
During Discovery exercises with the New Directions team, we uncovered missing content and confirmed a similarity between how Employers and Partners ("Blues") needed to be messaged and sold to, ultimately leading to simplified navigational solve of combining main browsing content for one holisitc "selling" audience (and giving members and providers their own customized content sections)
Revised Content Map & New (very much condensed) Site Map
About Us
News Overview Concept 1
News Overview Concept 2

Article Page
Solutions Homepage
Solutions Homepage (Expanded Help Section)
Product Detail Page
Product Detail Page (Expanded Component Detail)
Core Site & Task Visual Flow: Request Quote (Employers)
Site Map (Members Homepage)
Members Homepage
Site Map (Employers Homepage)
Employers Homepage
UI Concepts Coming Soon