The Develop showreel
This video was made for promotianl reasons to showcase what the game will feature when it is completed. this video does not represent a finale product as the game was only in its prototype phase when the video was created. In game footage was recorded using the techniques of Machinima. Footage was recorded from a live multiplayer user testing session.
This was the show reel created for the Devlop Conference
Techno or Mutant?
In Hive Wars players will have the option to upgrade their insects as they progress through the match. There will be two upgrade trees. The Techno build or the Mutant build. Techno builds offer mechanical upgrades with cybernetic enhancements whilst the Mutant build offers genetic crossing between other insects to create hybrids. Players must choose one of these two trees and can upgrade further enhancements as they progress through the match.
*All charaters and 3D modles where createrd by Daniel Oprea please visit is portfolio.
Mutant Wasp  by Daniel aka Yoshistory
Progress of Level design 
In the early days of development the original stage was created on an iPad using a rather unknown application called FormIt3D buy Autodesk. This free application was originally designed for architectural mockups on the go and not stage design for games, but it worked for us as an early starting point and eventually we would use this original stage for testing the games control and flight mechanic’s. Later the Level was redesigned using 3Ds Max
I recommend FormIt3D to anyone who is a concept designer, it is fast and easy to use. With practice you can bang out some really detailed models or stage designs. The software has evolved much since its release and now features OBJ file export. Big thanks to the development team for all their support, hard work and feedback. Check them out here.
Original concept artt: Render export from FormIt3D to photshop
Our first prtotype created in Unity3D: Using Daniels Models and Dave's concept stage from Formit3D
Body of hazmat suit guy with flower growing through helmit.
Frame from original story board
3D render of hazmat suit guy by Daniel 
Hive Wars on the PS vita (yes it works)