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    Sunflower Growing Season
It was just by chance I noticed this large field of Sunflowers in June of 2014. Struck by their beauty I made an effort to revist about every week for the entire Summer, into the Fall, and finally just after the first snow fall of Winter. I'll continue to go back through early Spring to see what transpires.
Let the blooming begin..!
Close Up of an emerging bud.
Peaking in their beauty.
Classic mid-Summer Sunflower
Size XXL at sunset.
Lightly around the margins.
Being overcome by their on weight.
It was like they were bowing their heads to the sun god.
Sun Flowers starting the process of drying out.
Late Summer.
Heavy Weight and still champion..!
Sun Flowers with hay bails.
Fall is fast approaching all over youro[
A final bow after a job well done.