Toxic Waste
Who’s responsible?

I strongly believe that as designers we have a great deal of power. Communication becomes our weapon over the ignorant and cruel. Victor Papanek, designer, writer and inventer brought this concept into perspective for designers. “Design is a conscious effort to impose meaningful thoughts.”  -Papanek
As designers, we have the opportunity to bring awareness with a forced connection of words and graphics to create an accelerated purpose and meaning. The Toxic Waste Posters are an acknowledgement 
of the current social issues. 

A childhood doll stares blankly at the viewer, its eyes questioning. This disturbing poster is one in a series of Toxic Waste Posters. Its simple photograph and contrasting tones give an ominous mood to the subject. By showing this ravaged doll it suggests that nothing is sacred. Not even children are beyond the terrifying effects of toxic waste in our world.
The Toxic Waste posters are a call to action. It asks the question, What are you willing to risk? It is a past and current social issue that will persist until people rise up and 'wise up' to the fact that it is a death sentence to those who do not realize its dangerous path. The truth is we are all responsible. 

As designers we are able to create awareness for these situations and consider the possibility for designing for money instead of money.