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    ElWarrak Cairo Tower, Concept design takes the edict of urban density seriously with a vertical strategy to leave much of the ground level of the… Read More
    ElWarrak Cairo Tower, Concept design takes the edict of urban density seriously with a vertical strategy to leave much of the ground level of the island untouched. Read Less
Civilizations built and grow where there is water, 
the reason of any living creature existed. 
The Egyptian culture is connected with the reason of life in their country 
"The Nile" the main reason of the birth of the Great Egyptian Civilization. 
The Agriculture is the main source that made the great Egyptian civilization 
that exists around the Nile and the Delta.

The major change that will occur in Cairo Skyline will make some urban spaces as it is collected in the tower leaving behind more land to recreate nature as it should be.
The building will be like the tree in forest, up in the sky collecting light an energy and roots down and natural environment around its truck.

EL Warrak Island is one of the biggest islands in the Nile It's located in the upper zone of Cairo where the new Cairo Urban Extension expands. 
During the last ten years the island was a good benefit for many Companies that want this island for resorts and some residents projects for the high land value and the magnificent view that it provide.
But they didn't realize the value of these islands ecologically; all these islands are the lung of the cities built on the Nile riverbanks which make a spine of Green along the Nile.

The scene shows the green spaces that the tower provides to make the life in the residents more comfort and the main spiral that binds the main structure is Panoramic view to enjoy the beauty of the sit.
At this height the wind speed is so high, so it could be used to generate power. Spaces between units could be affected by this wind to decrease the temperature, and could make the speed increases in the core of the building and continuous so it also will be used as power source.

At night the tower is not only a building that provide services, a place to live and a relaxing spaces but it’s a piece of Art that prettify the Nile water front, besides the entertainment areas within it.
In this shot the big difference between standard skyline and new one the tower created and how it developed to be. Also shows the different between the landscape around the buildings, and the nature that is restored back.

Create a new form that provide more green areas , more space for living , more agriculture production, less co2 production and less global warming .It s the Gate for the future of the Nile cities and will Strengthens the cities economy with more area to cultivate and less co2 footprints.

The overheat that is produced by the city will be over because the more green space  which is provided by the tower it means that eans the reduction of  the heat island and therefore the reduction of the global warming.
Community development
Cairo expand in circular shape and the region beside it expand also in the same circular shape and get combined in nodes that provide more cohesion to each other and the urban pattern beside. 
This idea that made the first concept to having the combined 3 circular shapes that support each other .The community grow in a spiral elevated (helix) shape that provide more green land space on the ground and more space in the air to get more Residents Area. 

construction progress
The construction progress  run first buy building the main structure and tilting it around the center point of the building and support it with the main spiral that bind the 4 main columns then comes the unit that will be attached to the main spiral and then comes the main service form.

The circular shape make a good resistance with the wind and it make it goes around the building to make good ventilation for it. Otherwise it make the wind goes faster and by that the building can produce electric power.