SaaS product development by Geronimo Labs
Energy Reporting SaaS RIA
Branding & Product Development
Energy Reporting RIA for building managers / maintenance contractors. Allowing deep energy consumption analysis using interactive multi-axis charting & reports.

Built with Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, Flash Catalyst CS5.5, Flex 4.5, Parsley Framework 2.4, Flash Builder 4.5 DCD, Sourcemate 3.0, .NET 4 Web Services and MS SQL Server 2008. 
Branding & Theme Concepts 

The branding process begins with the theme, logo and cross platform icon development including mobile devices and browser favicon.
Website for Sales & Marketing & Support 

We designed the microsite for Sales & Marketing & Support for potential and existing customers. Built on top of a CMS it is easy for the client to manage and update their own content. It also hosts the RIA for the end users to login to the app.
Rich Internet Application Development
Designed to be deployed as either as a desktop or browser application. 

Our Designer / Developer process is;

Energy consumption reporting dashboard interaction design. 
Geronimo Labs principal designer Dave "aceman" supplies UX direction which is then implemented using Adobe Flash Catalyst CS 5.5, adding 3D rotation of the dashboard widgets and animation transitions between views.
For this energy reporting RIA, building managers can navigate their portfolio of managed buildings using modern interactive navigation modes such as Coverflow, 3D Wheel and Cardex(TimeMachine). Using Flex 4 Lists and custom layout renderers adding layouts like these are easy, however remember just because you can does not mean you should. ;)

UX prototyping on good ol paper

Our app design process begins with wireframing paper prototype sketches of each screen and basic interaction design with the clients approval first.
The next 3 shots are the skinned versions of the wire frames above. These screens are created in Adobe Illustrator then imported into Adobe Flash Catalyst for skin creation and Interaction Design then imported into Flash Builder for development and server integration. 
Cross platform 
Our next challenge is to design & develop for tablet and mobile form factors to support iOS, Android & Blackberry devices.
A short clip showing the client playing with their new toy for the first time. Very excited like opening xmas day presents. Please excuse my iMovie chops ;)
SaaS product development by Geronimo Labs

SaaS product development by Geronimo Labs

Rich Internet Application Product Development
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