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    Adding animation intros to client slide videos really increase the value and make them more interesting.
This is a short video I have created using an animation software program so I can make video Brand intros
for slide presentation videos like these Rhino Shield Jacksonville and Rhino Shield Jacksonville 2     These two videos are pretty simple but when I add the animation intros and outros it will make them more appealing.
Rhino Shield Jacksonville is first in distributing and applying elastomeric ceramic coatings with the patented  micro-sphere technology. Don't get this confused with ordinary paint.The coating system that insulates your home from harmful UV rays will cut your energy bill costs in half. The secret is in the formula that contains billions of Micro-spheres that produce a protective layer allowing the elastomeric coating to maintain it's durability even in the harshest weather. You won't have to worry about paint chipping or peeling or even cracking for at least 25 years.
Rhino Shield products
are classified as low-e coating that reduces the thermal conductivity ( Heat)of your home or building's exterior that help to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Rhino Shield Jax Ceramic Coatings has a high solar reflective index, so that means UV rays from the sun are reflected away from the building, cooling the surface.
 Rhino Shield Jacksonville is always testing by leading outside labs, insuring that our coating products meet the highest expectations. Our proprietary system constantly performs and passes the most extreme tests within the industry. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is 67% solids, in comparison to ordinary exterior paint which usually is over 60% water and contains fillers that are not meant to protect they are meant to reduce costs.
 This is a good reason why Elastomeric coating lasts longer than traditional  paint.
 When you choose Rhino shield Jax to apply our coating system to your home you  can expect to save thousands of dollars in the long run on re-paint costs you would usually have. Using Rhino Shield not only protects your home from the outside elements, it also increases the resale value of your house with the written 25- year transferable warranty you get with us.
Rhino Shield Jacksonville also has a ceramic elastomeric roof coating system Super Shield. Super Shield forms a thick layer that seals out water and expands and contracts according to the weather and temperature changes and also building movement. You can use this Roof coating on many different types of roofs such as
 Primed metal, Bonded roof gravel,Tile, Asphalt, Aluminum, cedar shake shingles, slate,clay, concrete, Styrofoam, masonry tile, Bitumen membrane, and other roof substrates. Protect your home with both products to recieve ultimate protection. Follow Rhino Shield Jacksonville on Twitter and Facebook here Rhino Shield Jax