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    Falling Water Animation, mini studio, Summer 2008
Case Study | Falling Water | Animation
AR351 | Mark Owen | Summer 2008
The elements of nature inherent on the site allowed Wright to design the house by considering the surrounding context and how a person will be affected by nature in relation to the site. Since the house cantilevers over Bear Run River in Pennsylvania, which is surrounded by the forest, Wright used Pennsylvanian limestone for the walls to make it seem as though they are extruded from the natural ground. In contrast to the limestone, Wright used natural stone stucco on and around the terraces to compliment the surrounding site of the forest. This use of natural materials along with the concealed structure allows a person to get the full experience of the site and architecture together. The intent of the case study was to enhance 2d drafting, 3d modeling and rendering skills as well as gaining skills in 3d animation and editing.