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    Frondescent Dwellings, housing studio, Fall 2009
Frondescent Dwellings
AR383 | Jay Nickels | Fall 2009
This project proposal for the 45 unit housing complex is based off of a courtyard typology. Every unit has a vast amount of patio space facing the main plaza area which is shared between the two complexes. Our main goal was to create a connection with the adjacent building without losing the overall effect of a defined courtyard space. Between every two units there are light wells which provide light throughout the units, as well as an interesting space where there are balconies to each unit. The idea of having a habitat of transition was based off of the research done on the Burbank area in terms of circulation and transportation. Connecting the different forms of transportation into our buildings creates a space that draws people in and provides transition points throughout the building and a connection between the two buildings.