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    Layered Lagoon, urban studio, Summer 2010
Layered Lagoon
AR4931 | Guillermo Holnes & Dave Maynard | Summer 2010
The proposal for layered lagoon was to change the condition from the open plaza space on the other side of the 80 acre site in Cartagena, Colombia. The layering occurs in three separate entities; the first is an area for people to inhabit and go about their daily lives; an area with residential dwellings, parking structures and commercial areas. The second layer occurs in the center of the site; providing public use buildings along with open areas to provide for the people in the area. Lastly, the lagoon and the shading structure which covers it acts as an intimate area for people to relax and enjoy the surrounding context. The public use axis which also includes groves of almond trees which are indigenous to Colombia acts as the space which ties the lagoon to the more urban out skirt.