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Australian Radio program that was focussed on my poems.
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    Oh Blair, thank goodness you got back to me........I don't know about you but the Cobargo Folk Festival was just the best for me (again). I wrote… Read More
    Oh Blair, thank goodness you got back to me........I don't know about you but the Cobargo Folk Festival was just the best for me (again). I wrote a piece about it for my radio programmes. You could not possibly understand but meeting you touched my heart. Please look up ABCOPEN "Portrait of a Stranger" and see yourself . (my name is molini) You were generous and still I ask for more....the 2 poems that you wrote about your daughters and the one about your friend who died (about his bike.) and there's more..the photo that you took of yourself. I wish to read the poems over 2SEA Eden Community Radio and Towamba Narrow Cast Radio (where I live.) As for your own photo I just want to keep it with the poems. If you can't open my attachment I will post it to you with a thumb drive of the spoken word and music. Life is good!!!! Warm regards, Maureen Hope you like what I have written within the 200 words that were allowed ~ "GENTLE MAN, A GENTLEMAN" I spied him between the racks of dresses, my attention being caught by his holding of a gossamer-thin purple creation. He was tall but stocky, wearing a black leather vest, scull cap, wrist band, jeans and motorcycle boots. Tattoos adorned his chest and arms. Being secure in his own sexuality he was helping his partner set up her stall, "Loretta's Lawless Lifestyles". He is Blair Stuart of Irish Scottish descent, 60 years old from Queensland's Gold Coast hinterland. Blair is a member of the World Bike Community. Each of his tattoos represents a significant life experience, his first, two hearts side-by-side, marking the loss of his two daughters. Through his chest hairs one can read a quotation from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran "Love knows not it's own depth until the hour of separation." Blair started his working life as a photographer, was involved with film at Village Roadshow and for many years filled a Managerial position in the Prison Service. He now works part-time for Bunnings!! I read the first four lines of the poem he had written about his girls. Tears filled my eyes. What was I thinking when I said to this stranger, "you're gorgeous." Comments and faves ABC Open South East NSW (2 days ago) This is a very moving story, and I love how it all sprung from the incongruous sight of Blair holding a delicate dress. It's a fantastic demonstration of what you can uncover when you follow your curiosity and delve a little deeper. Read Less
The program can be found using the following link;\you\tracks
The programme was put together by Maureen, a Freelance writer and radio presenter who I met at the Cobargo folk Music Festival in February of this year.