My brand identity shows my first and last initial merged to create a singular mark. Its equal thickness and contrast and geometric lines illustrate my appreciation of a beautiful, simple mark. The staple of my graphic design approach is DESIGNING WITH PERSPECTIVE. Through my experiences in life and design has afforded me the opportunity to see all sides of a situation and think on my feet while bringing a unique perspective to design.

BULLY is a collection of campaign posters that explores the negative behaviors existing in bullying.

“As unpleasant as it is to be trapped by past mistakes, you can’t make any  progress by being afraid of your own shadow during design.”
-Greg Hudson

The style of a matador is a flourishing showmanship that has been illustrated in many poster advertisements. 

Each bullfight announcement poster displays an elongated, condensed and thick typeface that jumps off the page. 
This Latin American/Spanish style has driven the bold lettering into my design. The typeface Trenton’s unusual look matched the Spanish theme posters yet tended to be unreadable. Because of this I toned down the terminals and balanced the thick curves. The addition of the sword or estoqué gave the Matador Coffee Filters a unique twist to the logo mark.

Meowser Pet Salon is a small business company that is committed to providing high quality cat and dog grooming services. The mischievous cat is peaking out from the word mark. The connection of the business with a playful action forms the persona of the company.

As a collaborative website, Music Tutor celebrates the opportunity to bring individuals together for the common love of playing guitar. In this mark, I used guitar picks to create the bodies of three people. 
The logo recalls the social networking marks–illustrating a digital community. 

Savannah Honey Company delivers the ultimate rebranded and redesigned package system. The persona for this company is Old South, and is influenced by the decorative Victorian and Art Nouveau style. Bridging the Old South 
with elements of design from Art Nouveau and Victorian the mark takes on the characteristics of a honey bee. The mark 
is paired with a serif font, Aldus. 

Savannah Honey Company was cultured to resemble the inspiring elements of honey, bees, and Old South style. The aestetic of the products bring the tasty, natural element of honey and combine it with a nostalgia of Savannah’s Old South. 

Elements of honey comb patterns, curving vines and the symmetry of the logo complete and enhance its design. 
Ufonia is a social network providing musicians with an opportunity to travel and perform with one another throughout the world.  We are passionate about encouraging artists to reach their full potential.

The development of the Ufonia brand identity was a total immersion into the music culture. It was a fascinating exploration of the deep seated passion for music and the esprit de corps of the music community.

The experimentation of type lead to the choice of an Avant Garde, medium weight and a type design that mirrored the curving shape of the musical note. This was done by curving the terminals on all of the letter forms. 

The “n” was exchanged for the upside down musical note to simplify the character as well as unifying the shapes.