VOL. IV  The following is a combination of commercial and self-promotional illustrations. To view more of the Fop's work and generally spy on him (in a rather skeevy way), please visit his many-splendored blog, Winning the Polyglottery! You skeevy spy, you.
Two Tulas  ——  Commissioned Portrait w/ Snazzy Canvas
Hi-5  ——  Exhibited at The Elephant Show (2nd City Council Art Gallery)
iPad Is Only the Beginning    2-page spread for Computer Arts Projects
I’m Not Like You  ——  Commission for Fanatic Studio
Sappho Garofalo  ——  For Nations-Strange
Mezzanine Lounge  ——  For Houston Press
Alice’s Tall Texan  ——  For Houston Press
Phantom of the Opera  ——  For Houston Press
A Slippery Slope  ——  For Virginia Living
One in a Million  ——  Exhibited for The Fabulous Life Of Lisa Nguyen