2013 – World is over? NO ONE HERE

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  • 2013-World is over ? Exhibition  <NO ONE HERE>

    Artist Tu Hao-Chin aka Smoky started to show his animated illustrations online in 2000, and now he is active in different genres including graphic, photography, design, illustration, still-life, animation, and directing. He specializes in creating with a highly distinctive personal style with “smoky motion” placed in black and white visual settings. Additionally, he is also fond of injecting exaggerated and extreme emotions into everyday settings to reflect the impacts that the surrounding environment can have on an individual.
    For the four sculptural pieces shown in this exhibition, Smoky used resin clay to create human forms that appear to be in emotional agony, spiritual distress, and have physical disfigurements. He intentionally wanted viewer to witness the struggle that a person goes through on the brink of death and has exaggerated the fear that people have about the end of the world. In the back of these human sculptures fighting for survival is an animation playing on a screen comprised of three panels. On the one hand, the effect created is like a theatrical setting for the end of days, while, on the other, the lonely state these individual lives are in has been emphasized to allow the viewer to understand the meaning of survival by instinctive self-salvation.

  • Scratch / Resin clay sculpture / 30x15x 20cm / 2011

  • dry agaric / 20cm x 10cm x 15cm / resin clay / 2011
  • anchor / 25cm x 15cm x 12cm / resin clay / 2011
  • pierced his skin / 38cm x 17cm x 15cm / resin clay / 2011
  • solitary nucleus / 95cm x 40cm x 50cm / resin clay / 2011
  • no one here

    vusual:Smoky Tu /music: Cheng Nung Hsuan /
    3840x720 pixels / 4m05s /2011