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A fictional Indie Film and Music Festival set in Winnipeg, Canada.
The 2013 Winnipeg Indie Film and Music Festival is a fictional festival located in Winnipeg. The three day festival features indie films during the day and concerts by night. The festival also holds discussions and panels for audience members to have a conversation with the directors. This year's theme is attachment:
"The Winnipeg Indie Film and Music Festival seeks to unite creatives through film and music.
We are proud to present to you this years’ festival theme: Attachment.
By this, we hope you will enjoy our selelction based around the idea of attachment.
In self-referential terms, in order for there to be attachment, you need two things -- the attacher,
and the thing to which the attacher is attached. In other words, “attachment” requires
self-reference, and it requires seeing the object of attachment as separate from oneself.
We attach not only to physical things, but also to ideas and opinions about ourselves
and the world around us. But physical things can be lost, and we get frustrated when the
world doesn’t conform to our ideas and opinions.
Through this notion, we hope you enjoy the 2013 Winnipeg Indie Film and Music Fest."
Thank you.