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2013 - 2015 Posters
2013 - 2015 Posters
WORK: Posters & Flyers
Design a flyer for a Racism & Discrimination event. That focus on Racism Issues. Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein works comic book style. For this event we're trying to focus on the fine points to Racism, and try to improve it. So we will be organising special groups and speakers for the day.
Youth Voice & Qpastt suppled images for the flyer.
DESIGN FOR: Stop Think Act & Youth Voice
WORK: Promo Flyer & Poster
I designed a few cutouts of speech bubbles with the words ‘An end to racism & bullying starts with YOU’. Using the delarge marker pen fonts inside the bubbles.
I free pitched it to Stop Think Act in my meeting and everyone agree to take part in the flyers.
I got the idea from present & previous campaigns. I really wanted to pitch hard with this design.
DESIGN FOR: BSDF Bayside South Development Forum
WORK: Posters & Flyers
Design flyers for a photo competition.
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DESIGN FOR: Youth Voice Brisbane
WORK: Campaign 
FONT: Timeline Font
Design a Doubleside Flyer for the Walk In Our Shoes event.
DESIGN FOR: Backbone Youth Arts
WORK: Flyer
FONT: Arial, Amatic & Daft Brush
Design a Flyer for Child Protection Week.
 CLIENT: Tech Girls Movement
WORK: Event Flyers
FONT: Komika Title Axis
Design a flyer for a Event for 'TECH GIRL SUPERHERO SHOWCASE'.