2012 Young Designers' Exhibition / Exhibition Design

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  • 2012 Young Designers' Exhibition / Exhibition Design
    The look and feel for the 31st Young Designers’ Exhibition was inspired by the everyday life of a designer.
    We began by setting out the tools that all good designers use on a daily basis: computers, cameras, graphic software, printers, and coloring (we ended up using them all).

    For inspiration, we stared intensely at the Chinese characters in the title, 「新一代設計展」(literally, Design Exhibition for the Next Generation). Then we went to the print shop and looked at thematically relevant ink prints. We went searching for hand-painted murals and studio drawings. We gathered all these design ingredients and threw them together until it made sense. We embedded the result as “pictographs” in the Chinese characters.We created a three-dimensional effect on a 2D plane to make the characters stand out and highlight the multi-dimensional competitive spirit of this year’s event.

    The characters「新」(“new” or “next,” as in “next generation”) and 「展」(“exhibition”) received pictographic treatment. This choice symbolizes a “new” era for the “exhibition” as it embarks on its fourth decade of cutting edge design.Between the pictographs for「新」(“new”) and 「展」(“exhibition”) are the four words「一代設計」(“generation of designers”). These characters were rendered in black font to capture the bold simplicity of the next generation of designers. The characters bring an almost commandment-like air to the overall composition.Our graphic has two colors: black and white. Black and white are minimalist, elegant, stylish, the colors of a new generation. They signify a purity of spirit.

    Creativity means searching for the exit when you’re crammed between two extremes. It’s the surest way to mediate the warring states of logic and emotion. It means soaring through the precipice between reality and ideals. At the 2012 Young Designers’ Exhibition, creative energy will be harvested at these intersections. We wanted to reflect this in our design.
  • ● Client| Taiwan Design Center  
    ● Design| Redblackdesigns.   Designer / Tu,Min-Shiang