Visitor Experience - MRS Spring Meeting

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  • Annually, MRS hosts its Spring Meeting with nearly 6,000 attendees, over 50 symposia, an international exhibit, awards sessions and other special events.
    Each year this meeting continues to grow in both size and significance to the society.  In 2012, we took a closer look at the visitor experience through a membership survey, on-site observations, and collaboration with key stakeholders. These resources informed us of opportunities to improve the experience.
    FINDING: Inconsistent Branding
    + Booth Graphics were re-used from year to year, while new signage was updated
    + Most events at the meeting had their own look and feel causing an overload of styles
    + Signage often had a different visual aesthetic from other event materials like the program book
    We started with a full-scale re-branding to provide visual consistency across all meeting materials, from advertising to on-site signage.
                              FINDING: Under-Utilized Site Plan
  • + Site plan was more open & inviting, and improved visibility in the space
    + Using columns condensed the footprint of the event signage & provided obvious points of information
    + LCD screens showcased the day's events and important information
    + Large Signage for the Meeting Schedule was replaced with a printed pocket version and mobile app
    + Materials used were 100% recyclable, which significantly reduced waste