• 2012 January—March
    Illustration & Lettering
  • This is the start of my second year as freelance illustrator and I feel like I'm starting to hit my stride a little bit! There's still a long way to go and a lot of things to improve upon, but I'm starting to settle in. It's a lot less frightening now so I can really allow myself to enjoy the unknown!

    Some of the projects I worked on during the first three months of the year must remain secret for now. So here's everything that I can show. Enjoy :)
  •  Listening Party
    for Grooveshark
  • Thinking
    Personal Illustration
  • Dinner Party
    for Ferocious Quarterly Issue 3 "Survival"
  • Ride Styles Of The Weird & Infamous
    for ARTCRANK Minneapolis 2012
  • Reno, Nevada
    for The Everywhere Project
  • Rebel
    for Groucho Sports
  • B Boys
    website illustration for Happy Fun Corp.