2012 East Love Attack - Monkey love attack 猿心禪定

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  • 2012 East Love Attack - Monkey love attack

    Creative motivation
    Creation is always lonely, this work was honest record my reality that time I felthelpless and contradictions, I have a strong heart, an attempt to pursue any opportunitiesfor achievement, such as the roar of monkeys, but the reality hit me again andagain expectations, so I can put on the headphones meditation music, playing themelody I own, and I wait quietly, waiting for a chance to end a true warrior ofthe stage.

    創作總是孤獨的,這件作品誠實的紀錄著我那段時間對現實環境感到的無奈與矛盾 ,強烈的心,企圖追求任何的成就機會,如怒吼的猿猴 ,但現實卻一再的打擊我的期望,於是我只能戴上了禪定音樂的的耳機,演奏著我自以為專屬的旋律,我靜心的等待, 等待一個機會, 一個戰士真正歸宿的擂台。

    Inspiration from traditional Chinese folk story, warrior of Monkey King.
    Roar of the apes, the mouth with pearl; a symbol of determination, ambition as strong as apes active agitation; everything ready, fire moire hair; symbol domineering majesty, lightning patterns,modern-style headphones; symbol hugged Anding Ping andthe state, waitingfor the opportunity achievements tocome.

    怒吼的猿猴,口含明珠;象徵意志堅定,企圖心強烈如猿猴般積極躁動 ;一切蓄勢待發,火焰雲紋的毛髮;象徵霸氣威嚴,閃電紋的現代式耳機 ;象徵著擁著安定平和的境界,等待機會成就的到來。

  • Monkey love attack / 猿心禪定
    系列作品之3 medium:  black ink , digital canvas print 50.4" x 50.4 "
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