2012 East Love Attack - Dragon love attack 祥龍獻瑞

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  • 2012 East Love Attack - Dragon love attack

    These series of individual art works of illustration,  it was created in July 2011, Melbourne, Australia. I remember the short period of time to travel, know many things and met some friend, inspired me a lot of reflection and thought, created this series of works of art, and this work of art is sent to live in my generation of friends , do not give up, cognitive over every day, success and opportunities will always come.
    此系列個人藝術插畫作品,創作於2011年7月,澳洲墨爾本。記得那段短暫的旅行時光,認識遇見了許多人事物與好朋友,激發了我許多反省與思想,創作了這一系列的藝術作品 ,同時這藝術作品也是送給活在我這個世代的朋友們,不要放棄,認知用力的過每一天,成功與機會始終會到來。

    Folk culture in Taiwan, we believe the patent will exist the artist's idea of ​​the soul, and paintings will be injected in the image of the invisible vitality, echoing the artist's spirit and hope, bless my family and descendants.

My creative inspiration comes from China Eastern fairy tale, the beauty of art performance from personal experience and design style, Chinese style by black-based ink, graffiti meets the West Japanese tattoos, design and art overlap, re-construction oriental fantasy style patent worship,  and creative new Asian aesthetic.

    Inspired by traditional Chinese mythology, the dragon, represent: the authority of wealth and good fortune of ideas. Performance of the new era of unlimited tolerance Oriental dragon spirit and imagination.
    Dragon's roar; symbol of creativity and general fire firm will quadruple eye of the tiger; symbol of majesty and sharp eyes and keen vision of all directions, tears; a symbol of love and sacrifice, crocodile mouth-like roar; performance such as the regal spirit of conquest, peacock feathers and velvet angle; performance arrogant extravagance and self-confidence, become the leader of the performance of loyalty, infinite threaded helix; symbol of wisdom, intelligent mouth, with the Fire Dragon treasure glowing pearl; symbol even in the night will still be able to lead, not at a loss towards the light, nine kinds of characteristics of the composition of the species of life, the spirit of the performance of a new era of unlimited Oriental dragon tolerance and imagination.
    祥龍獻瑞  medium:  black ink , digital canvas print 50.4 " x 50.4 "

  • Dragon love attack / 祥龍獻瑞
    系列作品之1  medium:  black ink , digital canvas print 50.4 " x 50.4 "
    If you like Project 2012 East Love Attack, feel free to explore more on its patent/loyalty with me.
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