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    Akvárium (which translates to ‘aquarium’ in English) is a major club in the heart of Budapest with three concert venues, great bars, a large terr… Read More
    Akvárium (which translates to ‘aquarium’ in English) is a major club in the heart of Budapest with three concert venues, great bars, a large terrace blending into the most central square of the capital, a superb restaurant and a radio station - all hosted in one place. In 2014, after the all-around renovation of the spaces we got to redesigning the clubs online presence. Digital Ecosystem We set out to redesign the website of the Club, however what we really went for is creating a whole new digital ecosystem from scratch. We planned out to use a visitor’s Spotify account to tailor the music-lovers’ experience, integrate communication with Facebook for the social fairies, use Instagram to feed the food photo junkies, and have the best shopping experience. We did not just take care of the ticket purchase flow as a full custom solution but also created our Club’s info desk frontend so that we don’t need to rely on any 3rd party solutions, which could jeopardize the perfect experience for the guests. This allowed us to leave all technological bottlenecks and naysays behind and shoot for the very best. Right now the visitors of the website can buy a ticket with a few clicks, have the tickets readily available in their website account without the need to print anything. When they arrive to the Club they can authenticate with their phone using their website account and purchased ticket and can see an instant feedback on the website as their ticket is validated. This is where we take off and soon will integrate NFC touch-and-go authentication, launch our loyalty program and keep pushing forward. Yes, it’s responsive We didn’t leave any devices or screens behind. This content-oriented website is naturally adapting to the screen size and resolution and places the content in focus without any unnecessary bling and a keen minimalism. We started by checking the screen resolutions stats of our previous website and benchmarked it against the market average. This is how we came up with three breakpoints and we used fluid content in all versions. Content of the website is crafted also with a responsive mindset so that it can be consumed on all platforms in an easy and pleasant way. Also the radio station, restaurant and other units of the Club take care of their own content so that information presented is relevant and professional. Basket, payment The whole purchase flow is realized without a single full-page load, we just quickly push through the steps with light-weight Ajax calls. Without the technical jibber-jabber it means that our visitors hopefully never break out their flow of doing what they mean to in the easiest way possible. Authentication is also not a must but can be done with the push of a button with Facebook login. The steps of the check-out process could be well adapted to mobile where each step is presented as a full-screen item, which come one after the other. Read Less