2011 | Chinese Characters Games - 1/3 | 字学 - 壹

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  • 2011 | 字学 - 壹 | Chinese Characters Games - 1/3
  • 遊戲簡介

    Brief Introduction
    Some people think that Calligraphy is kind of profound art. In fact, Calligraphy can be common, it influences our daily life directly. We write everyday, our handwriting are special and unique, we are the designer of our handwriting.
  • 關於「字学」系列作品


    About the set of "Chinese Characters" artworks
    China is one of the cradle of civilization, however, it seems like Chinese people in this generation are not so care about Chinese culture. Chinese Characters are ideographic, historic and artistic, which are not communication tools only.

    Some people worship everything form western, they are proud of their fluent foreign languages; moreover, some of them like to behave that they are unpracticed in Chinese language. We need to communicate with other countries clearly while we should respect our own culture. 

    Simplified Chinese characters are very common now, but many people still have a bias against simplified characters. In fact, both simplified characters and traditional characters have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

    Characters are changing all the time, if there are more people care about it, Chinese characters will be improve definitely.

    www.behance.net/gallery/2011-aa-a/1813003 // 遊戲 | 壹  // Game One (這個遊戲 | This Game)
    www.behance.net/gallery/2011-aa-e/1813079 // 遊戲 | 貳  // Game Two
  • Objective// Influence the audiences to increase the interest of Chinese Characters in a entertaining way instead of a serious way. Make the audiences understand that Chinese Characters is amusing and worth to appreciated. The execution affects audiences’ mind so they will be care and think about the future of Chinese Characters.

    Target Audiences// 15-35 years old, Chinese people who usually live in Hong Kong, Chinese is their first language, mainly communicate by Traditional Chinese, start to learn Simplified Chinese in recent years. They use Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English and icons to communicate, use computer and mobile phone frequently. They always forget how to write the characters or write it wrong, most of them think  that Chinese characters are a communication tools only.

    Solution// Using a entertaining way as the direction of the execution. Since my target audiences are general young people, the execution have to be easy to attract them and not profound. As the theme of this project is a traditional elements, and the target audiences are young, the overall mood of the execution is ancient but modern. My target audiences used to think that Chinese Characters are boring and academic, therefore the  overall mood of the execution have to be cool. The execution have to shows some of the features of Chinese Characters, like sustainability, artistry and variety. The number of target audiences are larger therefore the execution have to fulfill audiences with different character.

    Deliverables// Three sets of card game with packages. Those card game sets are suitable to different kind of audiences. The type of games and the features of Chinese Characters present by the games are not the same. The overall style of different games are base on the speciality of them, and linking those speciality to the Chinese culture.