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    Redesigning Lumosity
Lumos Labs is a neuroscience research company and creator of Lumosity, the leading online brain training program boasting over 60 million users worldwide.

When I joined Lumos Labs, Lumosity was undergoing a major brand and design overhaul. The old Lumosity brand was warm, friendly and communicated their core purpose well. Yet their products felt dated, lacked authority and were inconsistent in style and imagery. Lumosity needed a fresh update that felt more modern, sophisticated, and trustworthy. 
Old Lumosity Website
Old Lumosity Dashboard

Redesigning Lumosity

Lumos Labs had been working with an outside design agency to redefine their logo and brand identity and to come up with a new design for their landing pages. The result was not quite what the team was looking for so I joined bringing a fresh perspective and was eager help lead the design in a new direction. I attended many brainstorms, mood boarding sessions and design critiques with the design team to get to know their vision and to help define their brand personality. Bright, refreshing, friendly, expert, were the adjectives that stood out in our discussions and I made sure to capture this personality in my work. We had regular meetings with all of the stakeholders involved, where I presented my progress, refined our ideas, and honed in on what everyone was feeling strong about. After many iterations and revisions, we arrived on a design direction that both the design team and the company felt great about.
Design Directions for the Lumosity.com homepage 
Lumosity Web App Redesign
I introduced a vibrant color palette and product/user-centric photography along with scientific imagery, clear charts, and graphs to achieve the right balance between warmth and approachability; and science and authority. Clean typography, simple icons, and generous margins and whitespace helped to improve accessibility while creating a more modern and sophisticated interface.
The Lumosity Style Guide
As we got closer to locking down a design direction, we put our heads together to define a visual style guide that would lay out the groundwork for the design of other touch points including games, mobile, email marketing, print and web ads. 

Improving the Training Experience

Even after the exciting launch of the newly redesigned Lumosity, a designer's work, as you all know, is never done. I partnered with a UX Designer and immediately went to work on improving the brain training experience for the web platform. Our goal was to streamline the training flow and to create a more delightful experience that is more engaging and rewarding for the user while emphasizing the workout completion goal. Our approach was reducing content, simplifying the interface, and creating more visual impact. We talked, sketched, wireframed and prototyped our ideas and directions. We sought feedback and performed user tests every step of the way and did a lot of iteration and refinement until we got to where the product is today. The result is a more polished design that is focused on user tasks and provides a more delightful and rewarding experience.
Session Start Page (Before & After)
Game Completion Page (Before & After)
Session Completion Page (Before & After)
We are incredibly proud of the work we've done. Following the brand relaunch, Lumosity has grown remarkably, gaining over 30 million new users worldwide, and has earned countless outstanding product reviews as well as the design award for the Consumer Product category at the international Design for Experience awards. Lumos Labs has evolved a stronger identity, design culture and design process due to the success of our rebranding efforts and shows no signs of stopping. I'm incredibly fortunate to be part of such a talented and dynamic team and am excited for what's to come!