2010 | ZOO Art Supplies Identity and Application

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  • 2010 | ZOO Art Supplies Identity by Riz Yung and Adelaide Yan

    School Work - Professional Brand and Identity Design

  • We have all the art aupplies you want 

    Our brand name: ZOO 

    A reliable and attentive zoo keeper 

    Using animals to classify 

    Use drawing tools as part of the animal 

    Drawing corner and mini gallery 

    Geometric pattern 
  • Different kind of animals represent different kind of products
  • The zookeeper character to show that we are very reliable, attentive and safe
  • Customers can fold the receipt to make fun
  • Stickers for different type of products
  • Front and back view of ticket. The ticket can collect some information of customers
  • Children can fill in the information and tear the ticket to subscribe our newsletter
  • When the customers hold the shopping bag in their hand, it looks like they are hold some animals
  • The back of shopping bag
  • A sticker of the zookeeper character on the shopping bag
  • An example of drawing on the wrapping paper
  • The poster inside our store to guide our customers
  • Some of the shelfs can be interact with customers
  • Process Book