2010 - Hard Rocket

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  • is is a ten inches notebook designed around the idea of flexibility. As a small size notebook, it is not only regarded as a computer, or a tool, but is also considered by many users as a fashion accessory. Therefore the need to customize it, or make the appearance fitting users own personality without too much trouble or complex mechanical actions have been considered here...

    The overall design dynamic is created by the wedge profile metal ring that goes all around the lid and the body of the computer, enclosing the top cover like a picture frame. The top cover is actually made of a thin magnetic sheet that can be changed easily, also allowing a great flexibility in color and pattern choices.
  • The keyboard cover is a surprise, it is clean, since many components have been optimized to save space, just like the speakers that are located right on top of the keyboard and that are reveal through a colorful speaker mesh.

    The functions keys of the keyboard have also been reduced in height, and for most of them they are now touch-sensitive, only the most often used keys such as "Esc" and "Delete" remain mechanical to not disturb the overall usability experience.
  • The other intriguing area is the touchpad... there is no touchpad.

    Putting a normal touchpad in such a small area will be perceived as cramped, instead, the whole palm rest is a touchpad. Using half-transparent plastic, icons and indicators appear with backlight and their setup is matching the software you are using. During video, the palm rest can be used as a control area and a timeline for example...