2010 Annual Infographic Award of Cadena Capriles

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  • "UN VARGAS" an impeccable job of infographics about the tragedy of Vargas in 1999, a natural disaster in which furious rain virtually destroyed the entire state and killed thousands. Mr. Caridad graphically depicted all of the infrastructural damage that was generated from the disaster, and showed the original topographic composition of the zone before its destruction, there-in, re-creating a new city thanks to the urban projects that the state along with private companies created to develop a new Vargas with an infrastructure that has the technology to prevent or at least reduce the impact of natural events such as this in. Marco Caridad developed an intensive investigation with impacting natural events like this he made graphics to show the past , present and possible futre.  UN Vargas was published on December 13, 2009, on the Sunday edition, that version was printed in Diario Ultima Noticias, which is one of the newspapers with most circulation in Venezuela. It's the only newspaper with certification to print, it is estimated that 210 million copies are circulated. 70% circulate in Caracas and 30% is distributed to the rest of the regions in the country. 
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