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    An "epic" series of 3 witty, minimalistic posters for graphic designer, funny-man, and professional pencil sharpener, David Rees.
David Rees Lecture Posters
"The World's Greatest Comedian" obviously needs the "World's Greatest Posters"
David Rees is a comedian, actor, writer, graphic designer, illustrator, and professional pencil sharpener. His claim to fame is creating a series of minimalist comic strips where bitmapped clip art characters spout off witty exchanges relating to current events, office life, and kung fu.

Borrowing the visual language from David Rees' book covers ("My Ultimate Fighting Technique is Unstoppable", "My Ultimate Filing Technique is Unstoppable", and "Get your War On"), I chose to let the writing be the memorable, witty aspect of the posters.

Given the low recognition in our studio of David Rees' body of work, I thought he needed to be hyped up by having three separate posters, each revealing more about his personality. The first poster shows an ironic "artistic rendering" of David Rees. The second poster helps set the stage for what kind of tone the lecture may have to it. And the third offers things not to ask during the Q&A portion.