virtual and real modeling
Much of the real mock-ups and some of the virtual models made during the university years.
Real model
escale 1 / 1000
Real model
escale 1/200
Real model for a Pier service building 
escale 1/150
Real model of Malaparte House
escale 1/125
Real model using CNC technologies
Real model manually completed 
Detail of the CNC model
escale 1/2.000
Virtual model using v.Ray for Rhinoceros 4.0
Detail of the virtual model
Virtual model for the contest " Music Hall City of Elche"
Vray RenderingVray Rendering
Real model of the Atalayon (Al Kariat al Madrassa)
e: 1 / 5.000
Detail of the Atalayon
Virtual model for Sumia Dris
Vray Rendering
Detail of dock-equipped model (Al Kariat al Madrassa)
escale 1/ 2.000
real model
Floating SPA and observation hall
escale: 1 / 400
Real model (Al Kariat al Madrassa)
3d printer + laser cutter
Floating Observation Hall  (Al kariat al MAdrassa)
escale 1 / 100
laser cutter and manual crafts
Detail of the floating hall
Fragment on detail of the permeable skin for the floating S.P.A (Al Kariat al Madrassa)
escale 1 / 10
laser cutter