• Client: LG Mobile USA
    Product: LG Expo, LG Bliss, LG Xenon, LG X120, LG Versa, LG Chocolate Touch, LG Texter, LG Arena,
    LG Save the Music Campaign.
    Agency: Publicis Modem
    Creative Director: Marcus Park
    Art Director: Cassiano Saldanha, Lotus Child
    Copywriter: Marcus Park, Chelsea Tucker
    Developer: Andre Gustavo Cardozo, Hilmer Hall
    Production Company: The Rehab, Taxilabs, Telefon Project

    In 2009 my team and I launched 12 new products for LG Mobile USA. Many launches overlapped with strategy, concepting, production, and delivery all happening at once. Despite this we delivered everything on time and (reasonably) on budget.