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    #Unbearable campaign.
Baiting grizzlies with donuts and chicken fat?
Using snares that trap bears to be shot like fish in a barrel?
Shooting grizzlies and their cubs during hibernation? 

Not cool. 
As part of NPCA's campaign to protect grizzlies in and around Alaska's national parks, we created the #Unbearable campaign, which addresses irresponsible practices allowed by Alaska's Board of Game. For years, the state agency has approved specific hunting methods and season lengths that allow hunters to kill bears and wolves simply to increase moose and caribou populations, so there are more for sport hunters to kill. Leveraging promoted tweets, the project generated 339,251 impressions, had an incredible 12.4% engagement rate, yielded 1,067 retweets and led to 1,541 link clicks to NPCA's take-action page. So far, NPCA has delivered 45,000 signatures in support of the Park Service proposed hunting regulations, which would eliminate these unsporting practices. A decision is expected in Spring 2015. 
Art direction. 
Illustrations by Drew Litton