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    BBC First
When the BBC challenged us with the task of designing a premium channel to house their original content, we knew we had to bring our best game to the table. The complex and visceral nature of programming of BBC FIRST, with diverse and acclaimed offerings such as Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders and Luther demanded an elegant, premium on-air design with that would pay homage to the unforgettable power of great storytelling.
To execute this visually, We created an on-air look and logo design inspired
by the craft of film and photography with motifs of lenses, glass and light. However the look itself communicates more than just the craft of BBC’s content - it tells a story about look deeper, seeing differently, and the intoxicating transportive nature of a truly complex story. 
For the Idents, we developed a one-of-a-kind shooting technique, capturing the multifaceted look of the OSP entirely in-camera. After shooting with world -renowned DP Fred Elmes in New Orleans, the footage was then layered using rear-projection screens and rotating panes of beam-splitter glass on a custom rig built by Chris Webb Films. Each piece was then hauntingly scored by composer/producer Joshua Valleau to give it the final premium polish.
The narratives of each ident are left purposefully ambiguous, designed to convey more of a atmosphere or ‘vibe’ than an articulated storyline. This allows the viewer to project their personal feelings and ideas into the scene, and become engaged in the storytelling process.