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    Grow your own vegetable, plants and convert liquids into energy!
POT UP_POP UPComposting toilet
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Grow your own vegetable, plants and convertliquids into energy!
In industrialised countries disposal offeces and urin is based on (potable) water systems, leading to bad smelling andtoxic substances in clarification plants. At the same time humus contents ofsoils continuously degrade. An affirmative relief to this offers the Pot_upcomposting toilet. Thecomposting process starts immediately and takes about 6 months before thetransformation into nutrient rich soil is completed and the nutrition cycle isclosed. At the end of the composting process, you donot have to repot the humus soil. The seed germination and cultivation of theseedling takes place directly in the pot.
Besides the support of regional nutrientcycles, the composting toilet uses liquid discharge, mainly urine, for energyproduction. Trickling onto a filter paper dipped in copper chloride, placedin-between a copper plate and a magnesium tier, generates energy. Theelectricity coming up between those tiers can be accumulated, or directlyconducted to your home electronics.
You can further extend the system with sidetables made of old wine gallons and cork, a container for the humus additional(bokashi), a toilet paper holder, and a metal toilet rod, which helps youmingle the substances.
Materials: pot: plastics; saucer: copper,plastics; toilet seat, covers: wood oiled; table legs: recycling glass; tabletop: brass, copper and cork