Cedric @ NY City
Voo: Cedric @ NY City

I know, i love this kind of job! Stock background, shooting people on the good light and mixing everything!
JWT asked me, for their client VOO (belgian tv distributor), to make possible a trip to New York, without going to New York! When a client begin by "is it possible?", I love to answer "Everything is possible" ;)

Photo/Retouching: Antoine Melis
Assistant: Samir
Styling: Sofie Callaerts
Client: Voo
Agency: JWT Brussels
Creative Team: Renaud Lavency / Rudy Ekren
Account: Caroline Charles
Shooting @ La Fabrique 22A / Brussels
AD sent me a moodboard, to give me an idea of the general look he wanted...
And, of course, he sent all the background before the shoot... to be sure of having good light sources!
For this shoot, we decide, at the last moment, to shoot outside...
Beautiful sun, why don't use natural light when we can ?
One reflector, and let's fly to NYC ;)
You can see the step by step bellow ...
And some details from the final files...
And here are the final pictures:
The result on the film, was showed just one second, but it's always fun to see your work on TV !
Txs for watching !
Cedric @ NY City

Cedric @ NY City

Shoot Cedric on Belgium, like he was on New York ...


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