A Man and his Moog 
We don't often publish a gallery with just one picture, but this portrait was part of a larger (and currently secret) video project for a music client in the UK that will air later this year. As soon as it does, we'll add the video to this gallery.
James Bareham recently travelled out to Long Island, New York, to film an interview and photograph portraits of one of the pioneers of electronic music, the legendary Herb Deutsch.

Herb is an American composer, inventor, and educator, and is also currently professor emeritus of electronic music and composition at Hofstra University.

But what Herb is probably best known for is co-inventing the Moog Synthesizer
 with Bob Moog in 1964. The Moog has since become the most famous electronic instruments and throughout 1970’s, the Minimoog came to be synonymous with the music of bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Herb was photographed in the basement studio of his home in Massapequa Park, Long Island.
Client: That's a secret (for now)
Photography & Art Direction: James Bareham
Retouching: James Bareham