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Thomas Cook #Selfies

Thomas Cook: Selfies

Another project from Famous agencie...
A fun challenge: in one day, shoot 21 pictures with differents lights to incrust them in reals backgrounds.
The final product will be three 5 seconds video wich promote differents destinations of Thomas Cook and a PreRoll of 10 seconds.
The casting and styling was already done by the client, so I just had to do what I love: shooting and retouching
Photo/Retouching: Antoine Melis
Assistant: Michael Ferire
Hair & Make Up: Brigitte Petit
Video Editing: Paulynka Hricovini
Client: Thomas Cook
Agency: Famous
Creative Team: Antoine de Bellefroid / Yannick Pringels
Account: Naike Van Hulle

Shooting @ Studio AvantGand
Music on the video: The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE
Layouts: effective idea need simple draw :)
So, agencie sent me the backgrounds to use before the shoot... So I had to analyse the lights and recreate the same directions and intentities on the studio...
First step, shooting... With the help of Michael, we found the nearest light and shot all the people on blue screen...
21 pictures to do in one day ... We had to be like Eddy Merckx! (not like Amstrong, we dont like cheating!)
Second Step, make a mask to separate people and blue screen...
Third step, lets retouching! I love this part, it's a little bit magical when you understand that it works !
I know lights can be more accurate, but with all these pictures to do, we had to make a choice between perfection and efficacity! Also, the pictures will be visible less than one second... Need to be realistic but impossible to be the best lights in the world :)
Here are all the pictures ...
You can see the three 5 seconds and the preroll of 10 seconds...
And heeeeeeere iiiiiiiiis the coolest part :) All the selfies from the shoot in vidéo...
The first one is the "assistant's cut" and the second one contains all the shots !
Have fun ;)
Txs for watching ! 
Thomas Cook #Selfies

Thomas Cook #Selfies

Shooting 21 Selfies pictures to make some videos and preroll.