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    A random collection of some concept projects, and client projects from teh past few years
Art Direction + Concept Design
here is a random assortment of projects from the past few years.
“I am Footbal”  was an integrated campaign unifying Coca Cola with the 2008 World Cup involving print, outdoor, POS, guerilla, web, and at event tactics.  By showcasing high energy graphics with movement along with traditional Coca Cola components this campaign would not only enthusiasm for the upcoming World Cup, but also makes the consumers associate Coca Cola with their feelings of excitement for the games.
 “No Place Like Home”, a photogrpahic exploration bringing light to the living conditions of homeless women in America one pair of pumps at a time. Each homeless woman was interviewed and then photographed with a pair of high heels, in the place they call home. 
In addition to posters and print ads QR codes are placed at some of the locations of the interviews which links you to a photo of the woman that was shot there, with name, age, how many years she has been homeless and information about the gallery.
Harley Davidson campaign focusing on engaging younger generations to become apart of the almost “cult” like following that Harely Davidson has established, with out offending the current consumers or branching away from the brand.
Teaser prints to launch an up and coming fashion line in Atlanta.
Wrap Party Invites.
Wiggle Factor Flyers