What is Insight?
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What is Insight?
So, what does a good Insight look like?
And how can you be sure you are staring at one?
Well, you might not see it with your eyes...
and it won't show up in a presentation...
nor stroll off the page of a research deck.

Don't expect it to come out the mouth of a consumer in a focus group.
The reason is because Insight comes from understanding.
Wordsyou hear and things you see only become true Insights when you'vecollected all the relevant information and made sense of it.

Extracting Insights is a proactive activity - it requires YOU to connect the dots.
It's when our knowledge of the category, the consumer, the product or service, and the brand
converge revealing an INSIGHT.

By acting on this understanding we give consumers the solutions to their problems.
And just like that -  we make the brand stand out from the crowd and become relevant to them.