2002 or 03: Painted for my dead Neighbor in North York

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    This painting was a work in progress and completed after the death of my neighbour when I lived in North York near Yonge/Finch Subway Station in the early 2000s. He was always outside when I was on my way home from university studies downtown. Late at night while I was watching TV with one of my ex boyfriends there was a knock at the door and a policewoman showed me his picture and asked if I recognized it, I did not, then showed me another and it was his car, and I recognized that, then she told me his body was just found in his car north of the city and I didn't scream or cry I just started shaking and ran to get my parents who were sleeping on the third floor of our north york condo. One of the most horrifying moments of my youth.
    To put this situation into perspective, this was considered to be an executive condominum building with an underground parking lot filled with BMWs, Hummers, Mercedes, and professionals and their families. Access to our home was thru a private door in the secure underground parking lot with transponder only entry. We had a full-time grounds keeper who walked around sweeping the sidewalks all day and the gardens were changed every season by professional landscapers. A made-for TV movie was filmed here and the director yelled at me for leaving my home for school while shooting his movie. We ordered our groceries from the internet and had them delivered. Things like this did not happen here.

    I was offered $400 for this painting shortly after it was completed and not willing to part with it at that time, but am willing to now part with it. It is large, at 4 by 6 feet on a gallery style canvas.
  • As of June 2014 I have decided to put this painting up for sale.
    The asking price is: $1,000,000 Canadian