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The Bodyline International
Chic - Romantic - Urban Spa for Modern women
Bodyline International is a professional luxury spa, franchised from Marie France Bodyline. When it first came to Vietnam, there was a need of new look for brand. 
Creative Bay was in charge of 
+ Branding
+ Website Design
+ and Printing Products such as Brochure, Price Book.

Taking the shape of woman body like an endless inspiration, Creative Bay stylized it to go together with the phase The Bodyline, created the B body shape letter to remind the viewers. The color scheme was inspired of the original brand from France, but was bombed by more vibrant tone and effect. Chic - Romantic - Urban is our purpose.

Hope you will enjoy this brand. You can check the real website through the link: http://bodyline.vn/ !
Thanks so much for your time viewing our portfolio. See ya!
The Bodyline International Spa - Stationary 
Envelope Front & Back