The soul on fire (Burning Man Series)
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    Festival of wonder in the middle of the desert.

This summer, I was burning.
I was one of those lucky people who could get a ticket to the Burning Man, a festival in the middle of the desert of Nevada in the US.

I read a lot about it, trying to figure out how it could be. How can I be prepared to spend a week with no electricity, sleeping on a small tent at 40°C, with a much reduced amount of water and food? But as soon as I arrived, I understood you can’t really get prepared to this simply because you just don’t know it. Then I figured out they were actually no preparation you should follow; all you need is to let it go.

Because never on my life have I experienced more love, more freedom and more self-expression. This place gathers everything that is left from the human dreams and utopia and how, by every individual means, we could work together to build up a better world.

You know what the very first message you hear when it’s you first time at the Burning Man?

“Welcome home”

And then again, it could have been a thousand hundred kilometer from my hometown, but still, I surely felt from the deepest of my heart, that place was home for me.

Note : no this is not photoshop, yes there is a place like this on earth.